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Marques Avenue: A New Era in Discount Shopping, Powered by Wishibam

At Wishibam, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between physical and online retail, enhancing the shopping experience for both consumers and brands. We are excited to share the latest developments in the retail industry, specifically focusing on the leader in discount sales, Marques Avenue.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Shoppers

As inflation continues to impact consumer spending, the appeal of discounted brand-name products has never been stronger. Marques Avenue, operated by Mata Capital, offers a solution through its outlet centers. These centers, located throughout France, provide a minimum of 30% discounts on top brands like Gérard Darel, Clarks, Tommy Hilfiger, Kusmi Tea, and Jacadi. These products are not second-hand but come from last year’s collections, ensuring quality and value.

“The products sold come from last year’s collections. Beyond the permanent 30% discount, there can be additional discounts during peak times in April and October, called Remarkable Days” says Renaud Maret, president of Marques Avenue.

Expanding Accessibility Through E-commerce

Recognizing the growing trend towards online shopping, Mata Capital has launched an e-commerce platform for Marques Avenue, operational since May 16. This platform offers over 4,000 references, with plans to continually expand the range of brands available. Customers can now enjoy the convenience of reserving products online and choosing from multiple delivery options, including in-store pick-up, relay points, or direct home delivery.

“Consumers are willing to travel 90 minutes to visit our centers, » Adds Maret. In 2023, 12 to 13 million French people visited these outlets, a 7% increase from 2022. Although visitor numbers slightly contracted in early 2024, sales remained strong. “We are driven by inflation and the resilience of the clearance model, » Confirms Maret.

Future Growth and Development

Mata Capital is committed to expanding the outlet network, with plans to open new centers within the next 18 to 24 months. Potential locations include city centers and areas in the south of France that are seeking revitalization. This expansion aligns with Wishibam’s mission to support sustainable growth and digital transformation for retailers and real estate players.

By sharing these advancements, we at Wishibam aim to highlight how innovative retail solutions can provide significant benefits to both consumers and brands, ensuring everyone can enjoy high-quality products at affordable prices.

For more detailed insights, please refer to the original article ‘Marques Avenue: Comment le leader du déstockage vous garantit des marques 30% moins chères’ by Capital here.

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