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An experienced team to bring you the best omnichannel strategy

Set up high performance, ROI-focused marketing campaigns

Aligned to our customers sales performance due to our business model, we have launched our marketing agency to better servce our clients with setting up and running profitable acquisition campaigns.

Increasing traffic, exploiting data ,optimizing the user experience, setting up a complete web analysis infrastructure... Wishibam offers a complete range of services. We use data for effective and ultra-personalised drive-to-store or store-to-web campaigns.

Our aim is to optimise every step of the customer journey,from brand discovery to online or in-store conversion, using proven strategies that guarantee tangible results.

An experienced team to bring you the best omnichannel strategy


Multiply your contact points

Reach your customers anywhere, anytime. Showcase your establishment and your products across all channels to stand out from the crowd and attract qualified traffic to your website or store.


Boost your brand awareness online and offline

Deploy effortless marketing campaigns to drive acquisition. From sponsored products to banners, Wishibam covers all your needs, across all networks.


Monetise your audience and increase your profitability

Convert your extended audience online or in-store, and build customer loyalty for sustained long-term value. The return on your investment is guaranteed with our strategies optimised over years of experience.