Marketplace & WISHIBAM

Boost your e-commerce by creating your marketplace

Wishibam est le logiciel SaaS choisi par les acteurs majeurs du retail pour créer leur marketplace et digitaliser leurs réseaux ou pour élargir leur catalogue produit. Notre technologie est intuitive, adaptable à vos enjeux business, sécurisée et robuste pour répondre efficacement à vos enjeux de croissance.


Robust, flexible, and focused on your needs

B2C Marketplace

Expand your product range with our B2C marketplace. Manage your catalogs, promotional events, and much more! Beyond online sales, our mall & retailers clients use our technology to digitize their entire physical marketplace activity.

B2B Marketplace
Your B2B customers are used to B2C codes, so offer them the same experience. Did you know that 86% of B2B decision-makers prefer to buy directly online rather than talk to a salesperson? Give your salespeople the chance to focus on creating value.

Second-Hand Marketplace
Your products deserve several lives! Meet consumer expectations by recovering, repairing and reselling your products on your website. More choice at a better price while keeping an eco-responsible approach: that's what today's consumer wants.
Zadig, the kooples, geox, sandro, les plus belles marques nous font confiance
Wishibam Marketplace

The best retailers trust us!

WISHIBAM & Marketplace

Why set up a marketplace?

Expand your catalog without worrying about logistics

Customers are more and more demanding: they expect to find everything they look for everywhere, at any time. Exceed their expectations with the speed, strength and agility of your own marketplace. 

Increase your profitability and bring your products closer to your customers

It's possible to increase your sales without increasing your costs! Add products and services without running the risk of losing stock, keeping operating costs under control.

Increase customer loyalty by meeting your clients' needs

Become a one-stop-shop by meeting your customers' current needs and anticipating their future ones through a better understanding of data. Eliminate the pain points of the physical shop, and of e-commerce by widening your offer everywhere

AI Search & catalogue

Advanced merchandising

Data analysis & reporting

Multiple payment methods

Wishibam Marketplace

Manage everything in one single place

Data management
Inventory management & auto-correct
Order management system
Complex price and promotion management
Content management
Advanced merchant management
Product feed management
Advanced search
Headless architecture
Multiple payment methods
WISHIBAM & B2B Marketplace

Designed for B2B buyers

For those who want a consumer grade experience for their B2B costumers... Our B2C modules + B2B modules.

Easy account management

Customer & Admin accounts can be easily configured to suit your business rules.

Management of quotes and price negotiations

Simplify quotation management by automating all low-value tasks.

Order management and multiple pick-up modes

Track the P&L of each of your customers, both overall and by withdrawal method.

Catalogue and price customisation

Push the right products to the right customer at the right time ... at the price they're used to!

marketplace seconde main
WISHIBAM & Second Hand

Give your products a second life

Allow your products, or those of complementary brands to get a second life.

Product catalogue management

Our product creation tool uses AI to generate relevant content that will maximise sales.

Real-time price benchmarks

Our tool will help you find the right price for your product in order to stay competitive.

Seller and product moderation

Simply validate (or not) sellers and products before they go online.