Stock easy by wishibam

The simplest way to create and diffuse your product catalog

StockEasy uses AI to efficiently digitise products and promote them on a massive scale

Product creation

Catalog management

Centralised content promotion

Unified performance monitoring

Digitalising your offer has never been so easy

  • Scan a products' barcodes with a phone camera and your product specs will be automatically pre-filled.
  • Fill in any missing data using a simplified interface.
  • Enrich and improve your data using AI.
  • Create quality product feeds that comply with industry criteria and specifications.

Promote your content everywhere, in 1 click

  • Generate your digital shop window automatically.
  • Segment your catalogues and showcase your products on the channels of your choice.
  • Highlight your products on your Google Business Profile.
  • Integrate our marketplaces in just one click for even greater visibility.
Dashboard Stockeasy

Manage your business from a single interface

  • Keep track of your inventories and prices in an intelligible way.
  • Manage your acquisition channels and promote content everywhere, simultaneously. 
  • Boost your shop's visibility on all social media platforms on a local, national, or international scale.
  • Track your performance on a single interface for a 360° view of your business.