Modernize your B2B sales process

Improve commercial operations and customer interactions by developing your online business with WISHIBAM platform. Modern, robust, easy to deploy and scalable, we'll be with you through every step of your growth.

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B2B e-Commerce Platform

Why digitalize your B2B sales process?

70% of B2B buyers prefer an autonomous purchasing experience to interacting with sales representatives

Your clients have changed as they've got used to the B2C online buying experience. Our solution reconciles the best of both worlds: the convenience of e-commerce and the support of your sales force.

94% of B2B buyers in the United States make online purchases from international suppliers

Expand your customer database by removing your business' boundaries through digitalisation. Take advantage of online acquisition strategies to conquer new markets.

Reduce administrative costs by up to 40% thanks to automation

Automate low value tasks and improve operational efficiency. Your teams will be able to spend more time on key tasks and critical issues. Provide your sales force with a solution designed for the field! 

Modular B2B Platform

Simplify your relationship with your partners

Leverage e-commerce at every level of your business.

Tailored for B2B enterprises, our platform offers an answer to operational requirements. Streamline customer purchases with an intuitive buying journey, and swiftly create personalized experiences in both offerings and pricing. Wishibam B2B platform is a complete, intuitive, agile and adaptable solution. a complete, intuitive, agile and adaptable solution. 

  • Automate low value tasks
  • Manage prices & promotions
  • Integrate existing IS
  • Centralize price negotiation and quotation management
  • Secure transactions
  • Designed for SEO optimization
  • Optimisation par IA (search, ranking, enrichissement produit)
modes d'intégration
Modular B2B Platform

Native plug & play connectors

Wishibam Marketplace

Manage everything in one single place

B2B self-service shopping
Dashboards & KPIs
Customer reviews management
Omnichannel OMS
Complex price and promotion management
Content management
Task automation
Integration Hub
Headless architecture
Multiple payment methods