Optimise order orchestration across all channels

La livraison rapide est aujourd'hui un must-have dans votre activité. Oui, mais cette livraison a un coût. Optimiser les coûts de livraison en miximisant l'expérience client, c'est possible grâce à l'OMS Omnicanal Wishibam.

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Unified inventory

Allocate orders

Multiple shipping methods

Real-time dashboards

Wishibam & omnichannel OMS

Manage your omnichannel deliveries and returns

By understanding local challenges, you can adapt your offer to local demand. Agile inventory management improves conversion rates across all sales channels and boosts team productivity. We reconcile the stocks sent by your different systems for a unified view in real time. Our AI enables you to understand field information and improve performance.

  • Turn your stores into mini-warehouses, bringing your inventory closer to your customers.
  • Usual physical store limitations are eliminated: 0 downtime, 0 queues, an offer tailored to local demand.
  • Lower costs related to unsold goods and online returns.


additional revenue


product returns


Customer lifetime

Zoom on stock management


Set up the platform according to your business priorities. Order orchestration, shipment management, (...)

Inventory supervision

Consolidated view of real-time inventory and post-purchase markdown correction functionality.


Track order progress and processing times in real-time to ensure high customer satisfaction

Actionable data

Understand local buying habits. Quickly adapt supply to demand.

Why use an omnichannel OMS?

Optimise logistics and reduce costs

60% of customers will go to a competitor if they offer better delivery options. With our omnichannel OMS, new shipping options are available to your customers in real time, depending on the path you want to offer them. Home delivery, relay point, green delivery, Click & Collect, Call & Collect (...)

Connect your stores and warehouses

63% of consumers report experiencing stockouts in the past 12 months. Don't miss out on sales anymore; unify your inventory. Organize all orders from every channel in one place with our decentralized Order Management System (OMS). Store personnel can easily process orders from any device thanks our cloud base application.

Reduce return rates and maximize customer satisfaction

In Europe, online return rates are at 22%, while in-store return rates are at 8%. In-store exchanges and returns foster customer loyalty and eliminate the need for free returns, encouraging exchanges. Our omnichannel OMS enables refunds to be processed in-store regardless of the initial purchasing channel. A restrictive return policy can lead to a loss of sales, with 46% of consumers abandoning purchases.
An omnichannel OMS designed for retail

Unify all of your networks' inventory

Omnichannel stock management at every storage point

Orchestrate orders intelligently

Distribute orders according to your business and CSR objectives. Adjust your stocks based on local demand and increase profitability

Synchronise stocks in real time

Integration with ERP systems, POS made easy thanks to our integration hub. Over 1,800 integration possibilities

Picking application

Utilize your existing resources to process web orders in-store. Link these sales to their performance

Allocate deliveries and split shipments

Allocate deliveries based on customer choice and/or your objectives. Split shipments as needed according to your orchestration rules


Stores become mini-warehouses that help you solve last-mile delivery constraints

Infinite shelves

Put an end to stock shortages; your sales staff will now be able to sell items available in warehouses directly in-store

Click & Collect

Online purchase, in-store pickup... e-commerce drives traffic to your physical retail locations!


Expand your product catalog to become the go-to destination in your industry