Wishibam & Second life

A cost effective approach to second-hand

In 2022, the second-hand market represented €105 billion in France, and is expected to triple by 2025. Moving towards a circular economy is a major challenge for retailers today.

Reduced carbon footprint

Improve customer loyalty

Increase margins



years of experience in tech and retail

Why should you choose Wishibam?

Captez la croissance de ce segment grâce à votre marketplace de seconde main en proposant la reprise et la réparation de vos produits. Elargissez le catalogue produit en y intégrant d'autres marques cohérentes. 

Easily recreate product content, validate restocking and price levels.

We use AI to generate relevant content that will enable you to create high-quality product sheets at no extra cost

Our team can support you from product recovery to restocking. A platform for allocating products to the right expert, handle quotes, ....

Sell products from third-party merchants to complement your offering.

Marketplace Seconde Main

Manage everything in one single place

AI-assisted product sheet creation
Data management
Dashboards & KPIs
Stock management system
Omnichannel OMS
Complex price and promotion management
Content management
Advanced merchant management
Search avancée
Headless architecture
Multiple payment methods