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Charlotte Journo-Baur est née dans une famille de retailer. Très vite, elle a compris que le digital transformerait leur activité. Son problème : l'absence de solution technique pragmatiques. Elle a donc réuni une équipe d'experts du digital et du retail et Wishibam est né !  Spécialiste du retail, des sujets de transformation digitales et du développement de logiciel SaaS le plus junior d'entre nous a plus de 5 ans d'expérience professionnelle pour vous accompagner tout au long de votre projet.


Over 15 years' experience in retail and digital

"Our strategy is based on ongoing R&D investment (> €1M per year) to improve our product while taking into account our customers' operational issues. We know that retail has to reinvent itself, and our solution is designed to integrate omnichannel effectively, without disrupting your operations. We are obsessed with meeting our customers' needs. We put our energy and talent into reinventing commerce and ensuring its diversity."

Extrait de la charte éthique et de Conduite rédigée par Charlotte Journo-Baur

Our team assists you in defining and implementing the digital strategy that will best suit your needs. We challenge your assumptions to clarify your needs and challenges, enabling us to define and tailor your roadmap. Combining our retail expertise with our digital know-how, we collaboratively co-create the blueprint for your digital transformation.

A robust and modular platform to support your growth. No need for development, built on APIs our platform integrates seamlessly within your existing ecosystem.

Our platform has been designed to be perfectly indexed by search engines. Our marketing team collaborates closely with our product team to ensure that our e-commerce platforms meet all search engine requirements. Your success is ours : our in-house customer acquisition team can support your SEO and SEM efforts without any set-up fees or minimum budget requirements.

Your digital team is not yet complete? We can help you recruit the profiles you need to ensure operational success. You prefer outsourcing this activity ? We can also handle operations on your behalf !

Our technical experts leverage cutting-edge tools to drive innovation

Our team is young and agile and our unique experience speaks for itself. At Wishibam, we are dedicated to creating innovative technological solutions, adapted to the ever-changing needs of the largest retail players in B2C and B2B. We are constantly improving our product based on feedback from the field to offer you unlimited scalability.

Proven expertise
Continuous innovation
Operational mindset

Unique expertise in retail transformation

Leader in the digitalisation of complex retail destination projects

Proven expertise in the digitalisation of retailers' B2B activities

We are unmatched when it comes to rapidly integrating several information systems with different data structures and/or if you need a tool that operational teams can pick up very easily. Whether it's B2C or B2B, our tool meets the transformation needs of businesses that have traditionally been physical but are now going digital. Our team is made up of experts in technical development as well as experts in customer acquisition and merchant onboarding.

Our teams assist you through every phase of your growth

Operational management
Commercial support
Business Plan
Technical development
UI/UX Design
Customer acquisition