Collect, ingest, and merge data instantly

The success of your marketplace project will depend on your ability to handle clean and comprehensive product feeds at scale. Catalog management is our strength. Our integration module relies on AI to integrate, reprocess, and manage product feeds from any source or format.

Sellers will be able to import their product feeds without any technical development, our tool takes care of the rest

Data consolidation

Data cleaning

Content generation

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Merge your product feeds from all sources and reprocess them at the same place.


Activate our AI assistant to complete your product descriptions.


Simply share your product feeds across marketplaces.


Increase your profitability by adjusting your stocks and prices locally.
Catalog Management & Integration

Integrate product feeds and enrich your online offer in no time !

Our platform seamlessly integrates and standardizes data from various sources, ensuring accurate product displays throughout the customer journey. With robust verification and alert systems, we ensure data accuracy.

Our ability to seamlessly integrate to any other IS enables fast and simple deployment without any specific developments.
We handle unification and homogenization of product feeds from multiple sources: web inventories, warehouse inventories, supplier inventories,... and ensure the automatic, real-time integration of inventories and prices.

modes d'intégration

1,800 different possible integrations methods

Catalog Management & PIM

Easily manage an unlimited number products

Be more efficient unlock your teams potential by eliminating time-consuming tasks.
Wishibam product management interface allows you to check products and modify them individually or in bulk, thanks to an easy-to-use automatic rules system specially designed to handle the most complex workflows. Simply identify non-compliant products and ensure the quality of your catalog.

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They work with us!

> 3,700 merchant are part of Wishibam Network!

Catalog Management & AI optimization

Optimize the quality of your product listings with AI

Leverage the power of AI to enrich your data accuarcy and provide quality content for your customers. 
Our solution automatically scans your existing data to provide you with new information that will boost online performance by marketing channel.
Stand out from the competition and perform better than ever! 

optimisation de fiche produit par IA

Manage everything in one single place

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