Scale your commerce operations with omnichannel

In an era where personalizing the customer experience is no longer an option, Wishibam stands out as more than just another SaaS vendor. We are the trusted partner for retailers and public entities when it comes to digitizing their B2C and B2B activities. To deliver a customized user experience that supports your growth, our technology adapts to your operational reality. Not the other way around.



years of experience in tech and retail

Your customers have changed - evolve with them!

Modern customers' expect the same exceptional experiences online and offline, omnichannel is the most efficient way to meet their demands. We use best in class technology to eliminate pain points in your business, enabling you to reconnect with sustainable growth. We position ourselves as a trusted advisor supporting you at every stage of the project, and with a business model designed so that your success is ours.

Our team assists you in defining and implementing the digital strategy that will best suit your needs. We challenge your assumptions to clarify your needs and challenges, enabling us to define and tailor your roadmap. Combining our retail expertise with our digital know-how, we collaboratively co-create the blueprint for your digital transformation.

Notre plateforme omnicanale modulaire est robuste et vous accompagnera dans votre croissance. Basée sur des APIs, nous nous connectons rapidement à votre écosystème existant.

Notre plateforme omnicanale a été pensée pour s'indexer parfaitement sur les moteurs de recherche. Notre équipe marketing travaille main dans la main avec notre équipe produit pour que notre e-commerce réponde à toutes les attentes des moteurs de recherche. Notre réussite c'est votre réussite, notre équipe d'acquisition client pourra vous accompagner sur les sujets SEOs comme SEM sans frais de démarrage ni budget minimum.

Your digital team is not yet complete? We can help you recruit the profiles you need to ensure operational success. You prefer outsourcing this activity ? We can also handle operations on your behalf !

The omnichannel platform designed for retailers

  • Customise your E-commerce front
  • Retrieve and enrich your data with our integration hub
  • Expand your product catalogue with our Marketplace
  • Manage your logistics effectively with our omnichannel OMS
  • Track your performance in a consolidated way with our data board 
flux produit


A native CMS solution with ready-to-use templates to create customizable designs and functional storefronts. Wishibam can also be deployed as a headless solution

Product feeds

Collect, ingest and merge data instantly in any format and from any source using our machine learning algorithms.


Unify your product catalog and expand your offer thanks to third-party vendors and suppliers. Access transactional data, understand and anticipate buying trends.

Omnichannel OMS

Manage orders seamlessly across all distribution channels and create customer-centric omnichannel journeys.


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