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Wishibam is the chosen partner of major players in the outlet industry seeking to expand their assets. We enable outlet centers to sell online the products available in real time at their tenants stores. By 2025, online outlets are projected to generate €25.7 billion, don't miss out on this new revolution.

Set-up your own logistical operation

Create new revenue streams

Understand and anticipate buying patterns

Keep your commercialization rate at 100%



years of experience in tech and retail

Why set up a marketplace for your Outlet?

Capture the growth of e-commerce by developing your own marketplace. Your tenants' products become accessible 24/7, your center no longer has boundaries. 

Our sales team supports you throughout the entire store integration process, ensuring a high participation rate

Every online sale contributes to store revenue. E-commerce is no longer your competitor but your biggest growth opportunity. Our digital teams will collaborate with you to optimize the platforms' performance.

Develop a new source of revenue with a marketplace business model. Your online marketplace will quickly become your biggest driver of sales.

80% of consumers search online before visiting an outlet center. Your visitors want a seamless experience. Show them whats available in-store and increase your database. 

75% of online sales occur after 7 PM and on weekends... while your stores are closed.


additional revenue


loyalty program members


increase in footfall

Wishibam marketplace

Benefit from our network of over 3,700 partners

Wishibam centralizes vendor information and guarantees data accuracy.

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The omnichannel platform made for Outlets

Discover some of our projects

Compagnie de Phalsbourg

La Compagnie de Phalsbourg has chosen WISHIBAM to create the e-commerce platform for The Village Outlet. A true digital mirror, the marketplace contributes to the growth of the customer database, traffic and sales.

Via Outlet

Via Outlet have chosen WISHIBAM to implement their omnichannel vision. "The most important thing for future success is to focus on omnichannel because then you will find answers to people’s behaviors and wishes. Sometimes, people want to spend a lovely day out at an outlet center. Sometimes, they want more functional shopping and want to do it online from their couches." Otto Ambagtsheer, CEO of VIA Outlets said

Helsinki Outlet

Helsinki Outlet has chosen WISHIBAM to reinvent its omnichannel experience. After succesfully launching a first e-commerce they chosen our platform to automate integration and scale it to the next level

Wishibam outlet marketplace

Increase your outlets' profitability

The end customer

The end customer

Can prepare their visit to your center by accessing the products available in-store and in real-time. If they cannot travel, they can purchase directly online and choose their preferred delivery method. Your outlet has no longer boundaries, it is accessible 24/7.

Your tenants

Your tenants

Your tenants can sell through the online marketplace the products available in their stores. Online revenue adds to the total store revenue. Profitability per square meter increases as they sell more with an improved margin

The landlord

The landlord

Online revenue is accounted for as rent, therefore increasing the asset value. According to McKinsey, the online Outlet market in Europe is expected to reach 27 billion euros. Capturing the growth of e-commerce is essential, reduce vacancy rates and find brands that meet local demand
The omnichannel platform made for Outlets
The Village Outlet, all you need to know about these exceptional results


Stores integrated to the marketplace


Revenue increase


Loyalty program members
Wishibam Marketplace

Manage everything in one single place

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Inventory management & auto-correct
Order management system
Retail promotions management
Content management and tracking
Advanced merchant management
Product feed management
Advanced search
Headless architecture
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