Batavia Stad Embraces Digital Innovation with New Online Store

Batavia Stad, the Netherlands’ first outlet center, now enhances its shopping experience with a new online store, integrating digital and physical retail. This strategic move, supported by Wishibam’s omnichannel solutions, aims to meet consumer demands for convenience and variety, ensuring seamless shopping whether online or in-person. As the outlet adapts to the evolving retail landscape, it maintains its unique charm while expanding its reach and accessibility.

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Batavia Stad, the Netherlands' pioneering outlet center, has launched an exciting new venture—an online store

This development marks a significant evolution in the shopping concept where consumers have long enjoyed purchasing well-known brands at substantial discounts directly from a charming village-like setting near Lelystad.

Otto Ambagtsheer, CEO of parent company VIA Outlets, shared insights in a recent interview with « We currently feature about thirty brands on the site, » he noted, highlighting the innovative leap Batavia Stad is making by being the first outlet center to venture online in such a comprehensive manner. Despite the digital shift in consumer shopping habits, integrating an online presence for outlet shopping has presented unique challenges. « It’s not easy to sync the store’s physical inventory with the online system at the right price, and to ensure items are removed when sold out, » Ambagtsheer explained.

Addressing the Online Transition and Physical Experience

The goal is ambitious: to eventually host all 150 brands available in Batavia Stad’s physical location online. Ambagtsheer is optimistic about this expansion, believing it will complement rather than detract from the physical outlet center. « Sometimes people enjoy a full day of shopping with all the trimmings. Other times, they prefer the convenience of finding something specific online, » he said.

Despite the deep-rooted history and evolution of Batavia Stad—established in 2001 and known as the oldest shopping center in the Netherlands—the public perception varies. Early on, everyone was curious to explore it, though not everyone was charmed by its replicated village ambiance. Over the years, however, Batavia Stad has significantly expanded. « It’s not the same place it was back then. We’ve broadened our offerings, enhanced our food and beverage options, and introduced more luxury brands, » Ambagtsheer highlighted.

Visitor Growth Amid Competition

Annually, around three million people visit Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, with visitor numbers steadily increasing despite the competition from places like the Designer Outlet center in Roermond and the Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam. Ambagtsheer respects the success of these competitors while acknowledging their differing impacts. « Roermond, being quite far from Lelystad, is not a direct competitor. The Mall, however, is closer and competes with us for the ‘day out’ experience, similar to a day at the beach. »

Future Outlook in Omnichannel Retail

From Wishibam’s perspective, Batavia Stad’s move into the online arena is a clear indicator of the future of retail—an omnichannel approach where brands strive to meet customers wherever they are, be it in physical stores, outlet centers, or online platforms. As a leader in providing omnichannel solutions, Wishibam views this evolution as an integral part of adapting to consumer needs and enhancing the shopping experience through technology.

The integration of physical and digital retail is not just a trend but a necessary strategy in today’s diverse market landscape. By supporting outlets like Batavia Stad in adopting advanced technological solutions, Wishibam is at the forefront of transforming the retail experience, ensuring that consumers enjoy the best of both worlds.

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