Steen & Strøm Department Store Partners with Wishibam to Launch Omnichannel Strategy

Steen & Strom x Wishibam

Steen & Strøm, one of Oslo’s most renowned department stores with a rich history dating back to 1797, has announced a strategic partnership with Wishibam to elevate its omnichannel retail experience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Steen & Strøm as it embraces modern technology to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Founded by Samuel Strøm over two centuries ago, Steen & Strøm has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the retail landscape. The department store, last renovated in 2021, has consistently upheld its reputation for offering high-quality products and exceptional service. Situated at the intersection of Prinsensgate and Kongensgate, Steen & Strøm has long been a cornerstone of Oslo’s shopping scene.

As part of its commitment to innovation and progress, Steen & Strøm has decided to embark on an omnichannel strategy to seamlessly integrate its physical and digital retail channels. With the rise of online shopping and changing consumer preferences, the department store recognizes the importance of providing a cohesive shopping experience across all touchpoints.

The recent partnership with Wishibam, a leading omnichannel retail platform, signifies Steen & Strøm’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve. By leveraging Wishibam’s cutting-edge technology and expertise, the department store aims to streamline its operations, improve inventory management, and deliver personalized shopping experiences to its customers.

One of the key highlights of this collaboration is the integration of Steen & Strøm’s physical store with its online presence. Customers will now have the convenience of browsing and purchasing products both in-store and through the Steen & Strøm website or mobile app. This seamless transition between channels ensures a more fluid shopping experience, allowing customers to engage with the brand wherever they are.

Furthermore, Steen & Strøm’s strategic location within Promenaden, Oslo’s newly established fashion district for high-end shopping, amplifies the impact of its omnichannel approach. With an exit now created on Karl Johans gate, the department store is poised to attract even more foot traffic and capitalize on its prime location.

By embracing Wishibam’s omnichannel solution, Steen & Strøm aims to enhance customer loyalty and drive business growth in an increasingly competitive market. Through targeted marketing campaigns, personalized recommendations, and seamless order fulfillment, the department store seeks to create memorable shopping experiences that resonate with modern consumers.

In summary, Steen & Strøm’s partnership with Wishibam marks a significant step towards modernizing its retail operations and adapting to the evolving needs of shoppers. With a storied history dating back over two centuries, Steen & Strøm continues to uphold its legacy of excellence while embracing innovation to shape the future of retail in Oslo and beyond.

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